Fireplace Cleaning Logs

Creosote Sweeping Log For Fireplaces (Pack of 2)

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Fireplace cleaning logs
" description="Creosote Sweeping Log For Fireplaces (Pack of 2)" features="
  • Helps maintain your chimney while you enjoy your fireplace
  • Reduces the weight, thickness and flammability of creosote
  • For woodstoves and fireplace inserts
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Package of 12 Creosote Sweeping Logs

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" description="Csl Log 1.5 Hr." features="
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Creosote Sweeping Logs burn for about 1.5 hours.

Cleans chimneys and wood stoves while burning.

Neutralizes and removes flammable creosote from chimney walls.

Helps maintain your chimney while you enjoy your fireplace.

Reduces the weight, thickness and flammability of creosote.

Continues to reduce Creosote buildup between 1 and 2 weeks after using.

MEECO'S RED DEVIL 1004 Creosote Control Firebrick

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" description="MEECO'S RED DEVIL 1004 Creosote Control Firebrick" features="
  • Made from 100-Percent all-natural sawdust
  • Contains no waxes or oils
  • Simply use 1 brick every 2 weeks
  • Controls creosote buildup. Regular use makes chimney cleaning easier
  • Made in the USA
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Pine Mountain Creosote Buster Safety Firelog

Prevent dangerous chimney fires with the pine mountain creosote Buster Firelog designed in partnership with first alert, the most trusted brand in home safety products. Used once per season, creosote buster reduces creosote buildup and the chance of a home heating fire, the second leading cause of home fires.

Pine Mountain Cresote Buster Chimney Cleaning Log
  • Simple to use: just add to an existing fire
  • When heated, the powder in the Firelog changes to an active gas and attacks the creosote in the chimney
  • All natural and contains no wax
  • Reduces creosote in wood fireplaces and wood stoves
  • Removes 2 times as much creosote as the chimney sweeping log (CSL)

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This review is from: Pine Mountain Creosote Buster Safety Firelog, 1 Log (Kitchen)

Works very well just make sure your fire is hot before you put it in

Rutland Duraflame Flue-Renew Soot & Creosote Remover Log

Easily reduce soot and creosote buildup in your chimney;Light in your fireplace and let the log do the work for you;Helps to keep your chimney safe and clean all year long;Safe for all stoves and fireplaces;Best for masonry flues

Rutland Duraflame Flue-Renew Soot & Creosote Remover Log
  • Rutland Duraflame Flue-Renew Soot & Creosote Remover Log
  • White

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USSC AV15 Ash Vacuum - 2 HP

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USSC AV15 Ash Vacuum - 2 HP
" description="USSC AV15 Ash Vacuum - 2 HP" features="
  • Safe for warm or cold ashes
  • Plastic crevice tool
  • 3.25 foot suction hose with 8 inch aluminum wand
  • 3 layer fine dust filter with mesh cage
  • Darcon prefilter bag
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A video about fireplace cleaning logs.

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Fireplace Cleaning Logs - What Every Homeowner Should Know

  Keeping a clean chimney is a daunting task.   Every homeowner who owns a fireplace knows this.   It is definitely one of the usual fireplace maintenance issues, in the household. Manually cleaning it and climbing up on your roof may lead to accidents.   Good thing, fireplace cleaning logs can come to the rescue. Also known as fireplace sweeping log, it is a simple, non-toxic, and effective solution for minimizing the flammability, thickness, and weight of creosote deposits along your chimney walls.   Essential Facts about Fireplace Cleaning Logs Over time, deposits build up along the walls of your chimney.   These deposits are called creosote.   The thing about them is that creosote becomes highly flammable as time goes by.   In fact, it is one of the major reasons for chimney fires if not properly taken care of.   With the use of fireplace cleaning logs, you will be able to maintain a creosote-free chimney.   These cleaning logs are packed with specific chemicals that can break down the layer of creosote along the chimney walls.   The fireplace cleaning log is lit just like an ordinary log in order to release the special chemicals.   The creosote layers will fall off as ash into the fireplace.

Fireplace Cleaning Logs - The Importance and The Benefits

More and more households are opting for this type of cleaning log. One of the best reasons why sweepings logs have become popular is because they are easy to use. You just have to read the package and unwrap it. The next thing to do is to burn the log in your fireplace. These cleaning logs also have a lengthy shelf life. You can store them easily as well. Another importance of using a fireplace sweeping log is the fact that it can help you prevent fire. Take note that creosote is a fire hazard and you certainly do not want chimney fire accidents to happen. The use of a fireplace cleaning log will save you from all the hassles of maintaining your chimney. Cleaning your chimney manually is a tedious thing to do. You cannot simply get rid of creosote deposits because you need to take care of hard-to-reach angles in cleaning everything, that is why a fireplace cleaning log is a great choice for you. And also, the use of this particular cleaning log is good for your health since you will not need to manually collect creosote deposits which can cause allergic reactions. A Last Thought Every homeowner must remember that chimneys have to receive consistent attention for them to work properly and to avoid accidents. Good thing, everyone can opt for fireplace cleanings logs which can help in reducing dangerous creosote deposits. If you are looking for fireplace sweeping logs, you can purchase them online. They are available in different brands. You have the freedom to choose a particular brand that is honest and reliable. There are a lot of trusted fireplace sweeping log manufacturers nowadays. Before using fireplace sweeping logs, make sure your chimney is free from gaps and cracks because they might affect the efficiency of the logs. And also, it is wise to hire a professional to inspect your chimney at least once every year. If you are interested in how to clean your chimney, yourself, here is a link to a page: Tutorials on how to clean your chimney. The videos are created by professionals. The videos show you what you need and walk you through cleaning your chimney.

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